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Telekom Networks Malawi (TNM) Company number 4029 was the pioneer mobile network in Malawi. Listed on the Malawi stock exchange, it was established in 1995 as a joint venture between Telekom Malaysia and the then government owned Malawi Telecommunications Limited (MTL), In April 2007 Telekom Malaysia sold its 60% majority stake in TNM. TNM is now wholly Malawian owned. TNM is a strong brand in Malawi. This strength comes from being the first mobile operator and more especially that it is a Malawian company, with innovative products and services.

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  • Quick way to buy Smart eWiMAX Vouchers? +

    Use your TNM SIM card to buy any of the Smart eWiMAX vouchers simply by dialing *303# and select the voucher that you would like to buy using the airtime in your mobile number. Read More
  • Where can I get TNM Smart eWiMAX Vouchers? +

    TNM Smart eWiMAX is a mass market product and therefore customers will be able to buy data vouchers through different distribution channels which are also used to sell airtime however we will mainly target areas where we have TNM Smart eWiMAX coverage. Read More
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