How to Connect

You will connect differently depending on the Smart eWiMAX device that you buy. Below are the steps for connecting to Smart eWiMAX devices:
Indoor Modem

Indoor Modem

When connecting using Smart eWiMAX indoor modem:

  • Make sure that the device is connected to a power source and is turned on.
  • Depending on the signal strength of your area, you will be shown signal buttons that indicate the strength of the network signal (3 green buttons mean strong signal) .
  • Enable your WIFI on your laptop or phone and wait until the name of your Smart eWiMAX appear.
  • Connect the Smart eWiMAX device to your laptop/phone/ tablet and ensure you type in the correct password for the device to successfully connect you to the internet.

More information will be provided to you when buying the devices from TNM shops.

Dongle Outdoor

  • Ensure you remain in a TNM Smart eWiMAX coverage area.
  • Plug the dongle onto computer USB port.
  • Dongle will install an application and place an icon on your desktop that will help you connect to the internet.
  • This application will help you connect to the internet every time you want to use your dongle.

Dingle Outdoor

Outdoor Unit & Gateway

  • You will be asked to fill in the application form that includes the preferred user name, passwords and physical location.
  • If you live in an area where there is Smart eWiMAX coverage, our technical team will allocate time to come to your place to configure the antennae and router.
  • This will be done the same day if you buy the devices before 12 noon. If you buy the device after 12 noon, installation will only be done the following day.

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Getting Started
  • Quick way to buy Smart eWiMAX Vouchers? +

    Use your TNM SIM card to buy any of the Smart eWiMAX vouchers simply by dialing *303# and select the voucher that you would like to buy using the airtime in your mobile number. Read More
  • Where can I get TNM Smart eWiMAX Vouchers? +

    TNM Smart eWiMAX is a mass market product and therefore customers will be able to buy data vouchers through different distribution channels which are also used to sell airtime however we will mainly target areas where we have TNM Smart eWiMAX coverage. Read More
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